Zen is E6 notation.

And yet, I try to use outdated methods because it makes me feel like I am in some kind of control. It makes me feel like I’m in on “it”. More lines of code, means it’s more impressive, right? Wrong.

Simple, clean, clever coding. That’s my goal.

In my project, I am calling on an array of 5 cat facts. There is an input field and you ask a number of 1–5 and are given back a “free cat fact”. Something that I knew would be simple, but would also give me a challenge, because I know that methods that break down information intimidate me.

Things like .forEach(), or .map() help doing things in one line, and I need to learn to trust these tools. And arrow functions, they’re like a little carpenter ant (actually, a tool I use now to remember how to write them), doing some heavy lifting but making it look easy.

Nothing can compare to my new best friends && and ||. When I need things to happen, not happen, but still exist, they are always there for me.

The biggest “hack” or my new favorite tool is .target, especially while in the console of the page. The clear button, which at the beginning of this process would have taken me an afternoon, took 15 minutes because I understood what my button was effecting, and how I could expand upon that. I am especially proud of this, because the event it self is queued off the client inputing a number and the fact appearing.

btw, () => {}, it’s just missing some legs

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